M1 -Why Accessibility? Quiz 1

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The  Why Accessibility Quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Each question in the Why Accessibility section is worth 5 points.  

This quiz is a comprehensive assessment of Module 1. The purpose of the Why Accessibility Quiz is to check your understanding of these concepts and strategies.


The Why Accessibility Quiz aligns with the following course objectives:

Course Objectives

  • (CO1) Recognize how students with disabilities often face academic barriers to access, success, and completion.
  • (CO3) With accessibility in mind, utilize the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in designing learning experiences.

    Module Objectives

  • (MO1.1) Recognize the importance of accessible design
  • (MO1.2) Describe the ways in which disability may impact students and their learning experiences.
  • (MO1.3) Recognize the difference between Accommodation and Accessibility.
  • (MO1.4) Reflect on how Accessibility and UDL complement each other when designing learning experiences.


The time estimated to complete the Why Accessibility Quiz is 30 minutes.There is not a time limit for the assessment.


Answer the questions in the quiz.


To successfully complete the Why Accessibility Quiz, you must score at least 85%. You have unlimited attempts.

You will be able to see your score when you submit your quiz.  Incorrect answers will be marked in student feedback.

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